Treat Yourself after the Big Burn: The Fun Offered by Nutritionists

But, I am in shape, you think as the doctor or sports treatments center makes the suggestion. However, the truth of the matter is that even the most fit, healthiest people can benefit from the assistance of a nutritionist. These trained individuals know the secrets to creating a healthy balance of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants so that you can meet whatever fitness goal you are aiming for without sacrificing health and wellness. If you still aren’t sold on the idea, consider this; with all that there is to know today about what is and isn’t good for our bodies, the task of keeping track can be daunting. A good nutritionist will be up-to-date with the research happening now and may even be able to offer you a weight loss diet that doesn’t feel like one at all. For instance, did you know that chocolate milk has been found to be highly beneficial for weight loss and for muscle-building?

For the athlete that is forced to seek out sports medicine in Austin TX due to an athletic injury, one of the greatest fears can be the loss of muscle while healing and having to quickly regain that afterward. A recent study, though, found that muscle-building can be quicker and easier with the help of fat-free chocolate milk. When this liquid was ingested in the place of high-carb sports drinks, the results were astounding. The high concentrations of carbohydrates and protein are good indicators that this beverage would be a good one for refueling after a grueling workout. Studies also found that, as compared to those that stuck with the sports drinks, those who drank chocolate milk had increased muscle protein synthesis – that is that their muscles showed the ability to rebuild faster. The muscles tested in milk drinkers also showed a higher concentration of something called glycogen. This is a form of carbohydrate storage – body fuel – which is transformed into glucose when the body needs an additional pick up (like after a workout and during the muscle rebuilding process).

For those who fear that their athletic trainer might be upset over their athlete’s weight gain as a result of chugging chocolate milk, there is even better news to be reported. Chocolate milk has also been linked to weight loss when combined with an otherwise healthy lifestyle. It has been found that three eight-ounce glasses of chocolate milk per day – one in the morning, one before a workout, and one after the workout – can actually help a person shed body fat. Though losing fat doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose weight, it is relatively certain that your trainer won’t mind the added muscle. Milk delivers a number of very essential vitamins and nutrients that lead to easier muscle building. The added Vitamin-D to your diet will improve energy levels and help prevent injury. The same vitamin is the one that helps break down the much needed dose of calcium that also comes with that tall glass of sweet and succulent goodness. Finally, in the effort to shed pounds – or keep them off – a person must turn to cardio exercise. In the same study it was found that athletes and non-athletes showed improved endurance and were able to walk, bike, or run almost fifty percent further with a steady intake of chocolate milk.

These are the bits of advice – the very tasty bits of advice – that can come with a trip to the nutritionist. So, next time it is suggested, don’t cringe, for you might just find that it is a delicious offering.

About the Author: Todd Keating is an expert in the sports medicine and is an active athletic trainer and sports coach

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