Choosing the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body and Your Self-Esteem

So, you aren’t overly pleased with the way that your body has been looking lately, or maybe you are except for that one problem area. Either way, you are like millions of other women who dread the onset of the bathing suit season. After all, this is the time when thousands flock to the shore for free bronzer and salty waves. Those who can’t reach the beach will often hit the edge of the pool for essentially the same reasons. So, what are you to do when it is time to parade your bathing-suit clad figure before those seemingly judging eyes?

Select a Sensational Suit So what? You aren’t a supermodel. A very small percentage of the American population is and even those who are would undoubtedly have an area of the body that they would complain about. So, stop dwelling on what you don’t like and start thinking about what you do have to offer. Maybe your thighs are a bit thicker than those of the size-2 diet promoter on television, but your flat stomach and booming bust can put her to shave. Or maybe it is the stomach region that is the issue, but what about those killer long legs? The point is that everyone has so-called flaws and everyone has areas to emphasize. If you find the latter, then you can choose the perfect suit to highlight it. If you are simply too down to feel good, then you might consider this your wake up call. It is never too late to start living healthier. You can feel good in a bathing suit again and with the help of the HCG doctors, that day might come sooner than you think.

Don’t Hide, Lengthen If your problem lies in the legs and hips, you might think that a longer short is the only way to keep the eyes on the prize up top. The truth, however, is that high cuts visually lengthen and slim the legs and can also draw attention upward. To ensure that your bod looks its best, however, be sure those high lines aren’t cupped with unwanted hair. A regular shave, wax, or the permanent effects of laser hair removal in Austin will keep you smooth, silky, and beach ready.

Prevent the Pouch When it is the belly area that has you down, be sure to choose a suit that promises to keep it in check. That means avoiding the too-tight bikini bottom, the ultra thin strings, and the marshmallow mama cuts. There are two rules to minimizing the muffin tops and those are to choose something that lengthen and to embrace the liners. If your stomach sorrows are all in your head, then stick with the two-piece, just be sure that it fits and that you aren’t drawing attention to your midsection with a horizontal band around it. Choose something with a flattering cut and with supportive top. Finally, if you can’t stop dwelling on the idea of a bursting belly on the beach, then it is the perfect time to embrace the hottest new looks in one-piece suits. With better cuts and supreme stomach sucking liners, these suits can have you looking tip-top just in time for the sun and sand.

Your Best Face Forward in addition to keeping your figure hugged just right, it is important to recognize the beauty above. A visit to the spa for a photofacial can help you emphasize the stunning splendor between neck and noggin.

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